Most people would like to get teeth whitening regularly to look and feel amazing. As we age, it’s common for our teeth to dull and changes yellow. Part of this is due to our diet. Excessive coffee, tea, and wine drinking will stain teeth. Tobacco use and food colorings will also cause stains. Consistent brushing after eating and drinking will help slow down this staining process.
You no longer have to live with yellow teeth. Now you can enjoy the benefits of teeth whitening at our 5 Star dental office. At Rock Creek Dental, we’re known to improve and brighten patient smiles. Dr.Amin is an experienced cosmetic dentist and offers many types of treatments. Our dentist’s office loves to use Laser and Boost teeth whitening to give that bright smile you want.
There are several teeth whitening methods currently out. Many of them help improve your smile and teeth color instantly. Some whitening procedures can be done at home and some at the office with just one visit. Teeth whitening can happen in two ways: Take-home kits or chairside bleaching.

In-Office Whitening

In-office whitening requires more attention, thus the need to be chairside. These types of treatments use a laser lamp to boost the whitening action. This procedure also requires a rigorous isolation technique. Regardless of which method you pick, the bleaching action follows the same process. With enough exposure, your teeth will sparkle, and a brand new smile will appear instantly.

Take-Home Whitening

Rock Creek Dental will provide you with a take-home kit to ensure your new smile will never fade. Soft transparent trays are filled with whitening gel. These trays fit tightly over your teeth and are worn for the prescribed time. However, Take-home whitening products have less potency. Meaning they won’t whiten your teeth as quick and as effective as in-office whitening.

Discuss teeth whitening procedures with your trusted Dentist in Rocklin Dr.Amin today.