Root Canal Treatment

Get Rid of Tooth Pain and Save Your Tooth

Root canal is a dental procedure administered to a tooth that has become badly infected by dental caries that a traditional tooth filling cannot solve.
In such cases, the infection in the tooth will have encroached into the pulp tissue. The pulp involvement will bring tooth sensitivity that is often excruciating. Only a root canal treatment or a tooth extraction can resolve this issue.
Since a tooth extraction is irreversible and will result in the loss of the tooth, a tooth replacement will be advised. However, our root canal treatment is often the best choice. Root canal is strongly advised when the pulp of the tooth has become critically inflamed and infected. The infection or inflammation can have various causes such as deep tooth decay, repeated dental procedures on the same tooth, fracture with pulp exposure etc.

Root Canal by Dr. Amin – Rock Creek Dental, Rocklin CA

When tooth decay goes untreated, it can result in pulp infection and when a root canal is prescribed. You can expect for the following to take place:

1. The first thing that your dentist does is to create access to the pulp chamber. The first step of the procedure involves pulp extirpation, to remove the pulp tissue that has become infected and is causing the problem.
2. After creating a small opening where the canal is and removing the pulp, sequential filing is performed. Small dental instruments called files are used to clean and shape the canal spaces. Also, removing diseased tissue and shaping it so that the filler can be inserted.
3. After cleaning and shaping, the void spaces of the tooth are filled with material and cement to ensure complete sealing of the tooth. The filler is a biocompatible material that healthily seals the tooth so that it may no longer be infected.