A dental bridge is a way to replace a missing tooth. At Rock Creek Dental, we provide patients with dental bridges if they want to replace a tooth without wearing dentures or undergoing surgery. The new tooth is held in place by gaining support from the adjacent healthy teeth on either side of the gap. It looks natural and consists of a ceramic or porcelain material to match the surrounding teeth. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Amin will make sure that the new tooth looks and feels amazing.

Benefits of Fixed Bridges

If you’re thinking why you should get dental bridges over the conventional removable dentures at Tustin Smile, then here are some of the benefits of the procedure.

• Superior Aesthetics – Removable dentures can get stained easily and lose their aesthetics very quickly. On the other hand, we provide highly aesthetic bridges at which will restore your facial aesthetics and give you a reason to smile!

• Durability – The framework of your new teeth bridges is prepared using very strong dental alloys. As a result, they can remain functional even after ten years. In contrast, removable dentures usually cannot last for more than 2 years.

• Convenience – One of the major drawbacks of removable dentures is that they do not completely restore chewing and speech capability. On the other hand, bridges will remain fixed to your teeth, and more easily allow you to speak and eat just like when you had your original ones.

• Minimal Need for Repair – Removable dentures need to be repaired or replaced quite frequently. The dental bridges, on the other hand, are fabricated from very strong and durable dental alloys which. Therefore, they do not need to be repaired or replaced as frequently as the removable dentures.

• Eat Everything You Like – Removable dentures do not provide sufficient chewing capability to enable you to eat foods that require increased masticatory forces, such as meat, chicken etc. Teeth bridges are directly fixed to your teeth. This means that, by using your teeth bridges you can enjoy all your favorite foods that you could never eat with removable dentures.